February 19, 2012



DebraLee Darling (Debra Lee Andersohn) and her Brad Habit (husband – Brad Andersohn)

We live, work and play in the San Francisco Bay Area and we LOVE IT HERE! We perform at intimate and unique events and special gatherings at locations all over the country. There’s nothing typical about us other than our desire and passion for music!

It’s no rumor that we will often times just walk into a restaurant, a winery, a vintage or retro style store etc. and just begin performing.  We have a unique sound and presence and our transparent personalities always connect us to our audiences.

Contact us if you want to have an intimate experience and a memorable fun event.

“Brad and Debra Lee Andersohn”
AKA: DebraLee Darling & her BRAD HABIT

(707) 646-1876 


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