The Kool Kat Trio & DebraLee Darling

Silo’s Napa hosted their second round of the West Coast Songwriters competition the day after Christmas.  As the previous winners of the “Best Performance” we were asked to be the featured performers for the event.  Here’s a quick glimpse of the evening. We want to thank those of you who came out and supported us Read more about The Kool Kat Trio & DebraLee Darling[…]

New Original Song – Lose Yourself in Aloha

Recently on our two week Hawaiian vacation, (photoshow here) we wrote a new song called “Lose Yourself in Aloha” and while the song was written on and just for an ukulele, we decided to try something a little different. Some studio pre-production to see what would happen if we built it up a bit. Thanks Read more about New Original Song – Lose Yourself in Aloha[…]

West Coast Songwriters – Best Performance

DebraLee Darling and her Brad Habit were honored, humbled, and very excited to win “Best Performance” at the West Coast Songwriters – Napa Valley Chapter songwriters competition this past Wednesday at Silo’s in Napa, CA. “We were just there to support both the event and all the local competing musicians and songwriters” said Brad and Read more about West Coast Songwriters – Best Performance[…]