New Original Song – Lose Yourself in Aloha

Recently on our two week Hawaiian vacation, (photoshow here) we wrote a new song called “Lose Yourself in Aloha” and while the song was written on and just for an ukulele, we decided to try something a little different.

Some studio pre-production to see what would happen if we built it up a bit.

Thanks to some talented engineering and production by Bob Madsen, Lindsey Spight, and Kenny Steel, we were able to see our vision and dream become that much closer to a reality.  Take a listen to our first round rough mix, we hope you like it.

“Lose Yourself in Aloha” a Hawaiian original by Brad and Debra Andersohn.

Lose Yourself In Aloha

TIP: It sounds best if you use headphones since the upright bass frequencies are lower than most laptops, desktops, or mobile devices can recognize.  YOUR opinions and comments matter so please let us know what you think?  Thanks.

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