February 19, 2012


What A Wonderful World – A Dedication to our friend, “The Blues Man” Sean McGroarty
(11/22/1962 – 05/21/2016)

DebraLee Darling and her Brad Habit plus “Special Guests” at Silo’s in Napa, CA.

NEW RELEASE: Original Song – Lose Yourself In Aloha

DebraLee Darling and Family are “FINALIST” in America’s Got Talent. Song Entry: Just Do It

DebraLee Darling and her BRAD HABIT “LIVE” at Silo’s in Napa CA.

Debra Lee Darling and her BRAD HABIT “Live” at Tiddle E. Winks

Zillow Annual Talent Show – “LIVE SIMULCAST” SF Bay Area to Seattle WA

Guitar Center’s Guitar-mania Maniac Brad Andersohn Showing Off His Guitar Skills

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? How Much Do You Think He’s for Sale?

6 thoughts on “Videos

  • You two were fabulous! And I love the material you do. “How Much is That Doggie in the Window?” was so wonderful with Scooter listening intently.

  • Very cute stuff. There is definitely a market for the retro songs and look. Good for the two of ya. Would love to hear more standards and jazz though. Just me. lol It’s a beautiful website.

  • Hi Debra,
    Met you the other night at Nan Stein’s were your husband was playing. Great music (inc your voice and style) and will be seeing you guys at Bridget March’s on the 14th.
    Just viewed your monthly video and interesting side note: I used to go “steady” w/ Prudence McIntire who was one of the sisters that had that hit record when they were kid, ah…circa 1956(?). We were going together later while at Hollywood High. Did you ever listen June Cristy? “Something Cool” “Moonglow”. Although, Billie’s rendition is classic.

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